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We are in the thick of it: peak season in Door County. We are working on our new website and think maybe it will launch this summer, but with working in the store 60 hours a week and recently finding out I am pregnant, it doesn’t leave much time for “office time!” So, I just keep blogging when I get a quick second, writing to no one officially right now, but at least you can all catch up with what went on this summer when you’re able to read this in September! If you’re interested in the day-to-day happenings at the shop, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

This summer has been all about dresses and skirts! The store is soooo full of pretty colors, bold prints, both flowing and shifts shapes, women are loving the easy fit and comfort details you can finally find in dresses, like pockets and normal-sized straps that hide bras! Also, colorful pants that actually fit!! Our new colored denim line by ORO and our magic pants by Mesmerize (both made in the USA) have been HOT sellers. They have a lot of stretch, a mid- to high rise that eliminates muffin tops, and makes these longer tunic tops finally an easy outfit to put together (and, you don’t feel like a sausage!). All in all we hear from women daily how much they love our clothes, they feel stylish and current but don’t have to sacrifice comfort for it!

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The most rewarding part of the summer has been the surprised look on everyone’s face when they walk in the door and see how big the store is. Some have been following us on Facebook and couldn’t wait to come in, others had no idea and are in awe that the store has doubled in size. The five dressing rooms have been a blessing and the words of congratulations and wonderful feedback we hear everyday really makes all the hard work this winter really feel like it has paid off. Our sales are up 40% even though we have only increased our merchandise by 20%. You can just finally SEE everything, and customers have room to roam and enjoy the store. It never feels crowded, kids and husbands have a sitting area to hang out and not make Mom feel rushed. It’s air conditioned, speakers play music throughout the store and don’t just blare from behind the check-out. I know these sound like minor things, but having a space exactly how I always wanted it just feels so great and it seems customers really appreciate it too.

Happy summer, everyone. I’ve never worked so hard or felt this sick, yet I feel so happy about it all.

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