Calling all local ladies that work hard- we want to dress you! Well we want to dress all women really, but we know it is hard for all of us in the tourist industry to find anytime to get to the shops during the season. So we thought we would have a fun day special for you with good deals in the beginning of the season. The whole store will be 18% off + we have bigger deals on some of our ‘workday wardrobe staples’. Look good this season with some special things from Patricia Shoppe that we think will make your job easier. Comfortable yet cute shoes, basic black pants that aren’t boring, comfy skirts with pockets… up to 25% off for this one day only. Plus we have a give away and free gift!

Even if you’re not looking for anything specific, stop by, say hi & tell us about your business and how we can spread the word! Ask us about our referral program that earns you free spending dollars at Patricia Shoppe. Happy Season Ladies, lets make this a good one! (all are welcome of course, working or not)

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